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  • Pack of 2 Reversible Insulating Sleeves for Mason Jars
  • Turns Mason Jars into the the Perfect Water Bottle or Thermos
  • Top-Quality Stretchable Fabric and Stitching Allows for Flexible Sizing on Most Mason Jars; Reversible Inside is a Stylish Flat Black Color
  • Works Great with a Multi Top Drinking Lid
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Designed to Fit Quart-Sized Mason Jars, and Can be Folded down to Fit 16oz Jars or Smaller, Plus Many More!

Mason jars are the perfect drinking glass. They’re easy to to find, are sized for cupboards and drawers, have a cute rustic charm, and they can be washed in the dishwasher. Mason Jar Sleeves are a perfect way to upgrade your Mason jars for on-the-go use. They can insulated cold and warm beverages, so they’re perfect for smoothies, water, tea and more. We recommend up pairing Mason Jar Sleeves with Multi Top drinking lids.

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