PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone RC Paper Airplane

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Turn any paper plane into a powered, remote-controlled flying machine! Traveling up to 20mph, your plane will spend less time on the tarmac and more time in the air. Use the in-app controls to loop, barrel roll and hammerhead with ease…or hit Acro mode and enjoy your own private airshow.

  • Great for beginners and flight hobbyists who can’t wait to fly.
  • POWERUP almost anything. Create and test new designs from paper, light balsa wood or foam.
  • Fly anytime. With its sophisticated onboard computer and auto-stabilizers, the 4.0 can fly in imperfect weather.
  • Durable carbon-fiber construction means you can enjoy peace of mind while flying.
  • A 30 minute quick charge gives you 10 minutes of flight time along with an incredible range of up to 230ft!
  • Control your flight through your smartphone. iPhone / Android Devices & Tablet compatible.

Don’t forget a spare parts kit, accessories and templates for your airplane! HERE

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