Rugged Towel (Fading Aqua)


The towel for all occasions, woven a little heavier than the popular Classic Towels. Firm, robust, absorbent and still comfortable on the skin.

Turkish towels have fibers that are longer, smoother and stronger than many other kinds of cotton, making them superior to “regular” towels in quality and longevity. They are also lightweight while absorbing more and dry faster. Who can’t use towels that don’t take over your washing machine??

These are woven on traditional antique looms in the heart of Turkey, knotted and tied by hand. Each knot is unique! With Ecobain’s direct partnership with local families, fair and social working conditions are guaranteed in which the women earn money independently and have since 2018. This helps to further develop women’s rights and supports small- to mid-size enterprises.

  • Rugged, sturdy, woven “Rugged” towel
  • 37″ x 63″
  • Great for home bathing, beach, gym use, or even outdoor activities like picnics or camping
  • Fine patterned design with six color options
  • Machine washable up to 104 degrees (warm wash)
  • Hand knotted
  • 100% cotton, made in Turkey

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