Smart WiFi Temp & Humidity Sensor

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Monitor and manage your temperature and humidity, whether it’s a fridge or freezer, pantry, chicken coop, greenhouse, baby’s nursery, server room, or maybe new bees that need special care. Ever lost a freezer full of food? We have, gain peace of mind with this little device!

  • Continuous Updates: as often as 30 seconds, or conserve battery usage and update once per hour (batteries will last approx. 1 yr).
  • 24/7 Instant Alarms: Set preset temperature and humidity ranges, and the app will instantly alert you when they go out of range.
  • Operates using Wi-Fi (2.4g). Works with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, just set up initially using the Smart Life app and connect from there.
  • Keep track in real-time from anywhere, no subscription required.
  • Use to control other devices, for instance “turn on heat lamp (just use a smart plug) when temperature goes below 75 degrees”.
  • Wide measuring range of -5° to 140°F with ±0.5°F accuracy.
  • 2 Years Free Data Storage: Supports online viewing of data graphs and export of data recorded over the past 2 years.

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