This smudge spray gift set is perfect as a gift to yourself, or as a gift for a special someone. This gift set contains 1 oz plastic spray bottle of each of my smudge sprays: High Vibes, Happiness, Good Spirits, and New Directions (4 total).

Each smudge spray is infused with different herbs for different purposes:

  • High Vibes is infused with palo santo, white sage, and cedar.
  • Happiness is infused with lavender, white sage, catnip and St. John’s wort. It has lavender essential oil added.
  • Good Spirits is infused with white sage, lavender, and catnip. It has sage essential oil added.
  • New Directions is infused with white sage, lavender, chamomile, catnip, mullein, lemon balm, and mugwort. It has lavender and lemon essential oils added.

Most of the herbs were grown/wild-crafted here on our farm in Maine. Great to spray in the air before a meditation focusing on how you want your life to be. Cleanses the air and crystals (do not use on selenite though). Can be used as a room and body spray also.

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, infused with herbs and essential oils added.

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