Solar Powered Water Fountain w/ Lighting

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Perfect for bird baths, ponds, pools, garden decorations and more!

  • High conversion glass solar panel: High light conversion, easy to clean. Intensity of sunlight will affect the spray height of the fountain. Normal height is 12-20inches, fountain height is automatically adjusted to 12inches at night).
  • High capacity battery: Will provide power for about 3 – 4 additional hours on a full charge after sunset.
  • Water shortage protection & filter system: Comes with run dry protection system and anti-clogging technology, will stop working automatically if there is not enough water or if the filter is clogged.
  • Auto-centering: Included centering rods prevent the fountain from drifting to the sides
  • Includes: 6.3 inch solar fountain, 8 different fountain style nozzles, 4 centering rods and 3 filters.

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