10 Gallon Grow Bag

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  • Breathable Material: High quality double heavy non-woven fabric with good permeability reduces root damage, removes excess water, and promotes plant growth
  • Eco-Friendly: Compared with plastic versions, these planting bags are biodegradable and can be used for other things (gardening tools, harvested fruit & veggies, even laundry)
  • Easy to Move: Custom longer-length strong handles help easily move the bags
  • Versatile: Perfect for terraces, small gardens, balconies, sun rooms and any indoor/outdoor space

To Start Your Grow Bag:

  • Fill with enough organic soil to leave just a few inches of headroom for your plants to percolate water down the root systems
  • Moisten and mix the soil with fertilizer to get it ready for the plants
  • Plant your plants or sow your seeds
  • Fertilize your plants every four to six weeks to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients that they need

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