Hany’s Harvest Elderberry Oxymel Syrup


Double Size 16 oz Bottle: Packed with essential nutrients, vitamin C, used for ages to boost immunity and treat cold and flu symptoms.

The legendary superstar Elderberry shares the spotlight with raw honey and organic ACV in Hany’s signature Oxymel Syrup. This terrific trinity of wellness is rooted in herbalist history but its powers are totally suited for modern life and a preventative approach to self-care.

One of our most versatile and delightful tonics, Elderberry is a perfect pairing for any wellness routine – whether you prefer to keep it sweet or energize with a zing. Drizzle over pancakes or other baked goods for a very good morning. Blend into smoothies for a healthy hint of sweet-n-sour power. Add some brightness to your evening by glazing roasted vegetables in this syrup for an unexpected fruity note. Just like its unique flavor, the pairing options abound!

Recommended serving size is one tablespoon as needed.

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