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Lavandin flowers retain their aroma when dried, making them a favorite for sachets and potpourris. They are wonderful in topical applications, herbal infusion blends, and culinary recipes.

  • Each package contains 50 grams of 100% organic flowers
  • Bags are heat-sealed, lined kraft with a one-way valve to prevent any oxygen from getting in
  • Resealable zip top after the original pull tab strip has been ripped off
  • Store unopened bags for 2-3 years if needed.

*Lavandin is a hybrid plant produced via the cross-pollination of the Lavender varieties Lavandula angustifolia (also known as ‘True Lavender’ or ‘English Lavender’) and Lavandula latifolia (also known as ‘Spike Lavender’ or ‘Portuguese Lavender’). In the winding hillsides of the French mountains, the Lavandin plant was naturally formed when the bees carried pollen from higher altitudes, where True Lavender is grown, to the lower altitudes, where Spike Lavender is found.

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