Brown Aged Basmati Rice


This aged brown Basmati rice is brown Basmati rice that has been aged for a minimum of 6 months and is grown naturally with no chemicals, using ancient traditional farming methods. By aging the brown Basmati rice, the grains lose their moisture and the flavors begin to concentrate, hence giving the brown Basmati rice a richer flavor once cooked.

Like other brown rice, brown Basmati rice consists of the grains’ bran layer, germ, and the starchy endosperm. In comparison, white Basmati rice is only made up of the endosperm.

Additionally, brown Basmati rice is packed with micronutrients. A serving of brown Basmati rice can provide five grams of protein and around one gram of fiber.

Farm Name: Al-Farid Co-op
Location: Punjab, Pakistan
More Info: One Pound Package

This unique location offers fresh river water that flows from the enriched mineral snow-fed glaciers of the Kashmir. This results in creating perfect conditions for our slender, long grains of Basmati rice, well known for incredible fragrance and taste.

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