Organic Ceylon Black Peppercorns (Smoked)

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Black peppercorns from India are smoked over seven different types of woods for a rounded, smokey flavor and mouthwatering aroma that is a delicious complement to many dishes. Add an unparalleled depth and complexity to your recipes and delight your taste buds.

Ceylon Pepper is particularly favored worldwide as it is quite rich in piperine, the alkaloid which lends it a distinct pepper flavor. As a result, Ceylon Pepper from Sri Lanka fetches a premium price in the international spice market.

The taste of Sri Lankan black pepper is richly aromatic, with floral and citrus notes, perfect on meat but also sautéed and roasted vegetables. Grinding fresh peppercorns is essential for flavor and aroma, as pre-ground pepper is often stale and quickly loses its volatile oils and its properties.

Depending on the time of harvest and the post-harvest process, there can be different types of pepper: green pepper, black pepper, red pepper and white pepper. For black pepper, the Piper nigrum berries are harvested when green and slightly immature, then it’s blanched and sun-dried. This makes it very rich in essential oil. The black color results from the oxidation that occurs during drying.

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